What is a Brand?

A Brand is not a Logo, a Brand is not a website or a business card. Brand is not what you say it is, it's what they (the client or user) say it is. Brand is the feeling behind your company, your product or service.  Brand is the sum of all parts. 


Shipping - Products

All orders are shipped USPS with Free Shipping for you (Priority Mail). Your order will ship as quickly as is humanly possible. I know you want it fast, and I want to get it to you fast.

Returns - Products

Being a DIY operation, I cannot accept responsibility for packages that have been stolen, mis-delivered, or misplaced by the USPS. 

Additionally, I stand behind my products and my goal is to never send something you'd want a refund for. Every item is carefully inspected by me personally. That being said, I *do not* offer refunds. 

Do you offer discounts?

No, there's no discounts or coupons in the Design world. If I don’t work for $x.xx a day with you, I can work for $x.xx a day with somebody else or I can take a well needed day off. I won't accept working fewer hours for less money because I won't be able to make the extra/missing money with another client in the same day.

I don’t charge by the hours that I’m working, I charge by the hours that I’m losing and can’t cater to any other clients. If I’m working for you most of the day, then I can’t dedicate the time to anybody else. I’m setting aside this day for you.

How much? 

To prepare a quote, I need to know some information about your future project, things like what is needed, when is needed, who is requesting my service and a number of other aspects would be very useful. Remember, you are not paying for a service, you are receiving value for your business or company. Send me an email and I’ll figure out if I’m the best person for the job. Quotes will be kept at the price sent for 10 days from the day sent. 

How long?

The timeline can vary depending on the amount of work and the style of the project. I have one simple rule, Timeline doesn't exist. Creating a limit or a number of days in front of a creative process will kill the creativity of the Designer and the flexibility of the Client to think about the design. I will know when I am ready to present a concept to the Client and when that moment arrives, I will be 100% sure that I am presenting the best possible solution for the Client and the business or company. 

There is actually a time limit, or response rate for the part of the client, clients will have a limit of up to 48 hours to answer every request from me as Designer, this way I can guarantee a seamless project.

If you do need a specific due date to complete the project, I can accept to take on this challenge, but the quote will be have an added fee for this option. Of course, the fee will vary, depending on how fast you need the project to be concluded.


NO, for me it’s very important that both, the client and I have a mutual trust and clearly defined goals. As the designer to be hired, it is my responsibility to work on the established goals and deliver a solution that matches those goals. To learn more about why I dont offer revisions, you can schedule that awesome free meeting in the contact section of my website.

Payment method?

I'm currently using the Square and/or Stripe services, as well as Paypal, depending on the project type. I will be able to accept any kind of Credit or Debit card under the category of Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. I'm also able to accept overseas payments, most of my clients are overseas.

My payment policy is 80% before starting the project and 20% at the end. Any licensing or copyright is granted once the final payment is done. Any digital file or document will also be available once the final payment is done. If you don't understand why I charge 80% before starting the project, just ask me, I would love to give you the details.

Do I get a Refund?

No, the 80% upfront payment is not refundable, the reason is simple, at that point I did my research, I implemented my strategy and I executed full creative part of the project. Sending a refund means that I would be working for free. 

If you wish to cancel a project once schedule, but the project has not started at all, I can refund you the amount paid, less the transfer fee charged to me by the payment processing service. 

What is Research?

I can’t solve a problem until I understand it. That means I need to study the problem you are facing as a business, research is a process for finding out what's wrong with your current solution and what is best for you as a future Strategy to implement. Once I understand the problem together, then I can begin to design solutions for it.

What is a Brand?

A Brand is not a Logo, a Brand is not a website or a business card. Brand is not what you say it is, it's what they (the client or user) say it is. Brand is the feeling behind your company, your product or service.  Brand is the sum of all parts.